My research interests focus on the use of the fractional order differentiation in the areas of modeling and control. In this context, my research work deals with:

  • modeling, simulation, identification and control of systems using fractional order differentiation;
  • set-membership methods for identification, diagnosis, prognosis and control.

My first research activities began with the preparation of my master and thesis. After that, my research activities have focused on the identification and control of uncertain systems. Particular attention was paid to the fractional differentiation and its applications in modeling and robust control. Several contributions have been proposed: synthesis of a robust fractional PID, closed-loop identification, etc.
Besides my research activities related to the implementationof the fractional differentiation in the field of automatic, I am also interested in the use of set-membership methods for the identification, control, diagnosis and prognosis of uncertain systems . These activities are the product of a cooperation with the laboratory Cedric and especially the team LATETIA at the Centre Nationale d’Arts et Métiers in Paris.





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